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Photobase completation and maintanance was supported by Norway grants by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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Scenography module

The Scenography module provides access to the databases administered by the Collections and Archives Department and the Documentation Department. Besides including collection items such as original stage and costume designs, maquettes, and sketches held by the Arts and Theatre Institute (the Institute has been systematically building its collection since 2006, when it was first registered with the Ministry of Culture's Central Registry of Collections), the module also contains images of scenographic artifacts acquired while documenting scenographers' activities, scenographic exhibitions and the Prague Quadrennial. Unlike the Productions module, the Scenography module also contains documentation on foreign productions, on Czech productions before 1945, and on productions that were never realized (information on this final group is naturally limited to the extent to which it is contained in the Institute's documentation).

Besides basic information on a particular production, the main data contained in the module are the name of the scenographer/designer and a description the work (costume design, stage design, puppet design, maquette, sketch, etc.). Scenographic artifacts are considered theatrical objects as well as works of art.

The digitization of the various items and the database's expansion to include additional entries (primarily through acquisitions decided upon by the Advisory Committee for Acquisitions) is done on an ongoing basis. The digitization of our scenographic documentation has been financed by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The scenography database contains 51,438 records (4,537 collection items, 46,901 designs from the documentation collection).

Norway grants

Searches in modul Scenography can be performed by:

  1. Production title, theatre, scenographer or item description.
  2. An alphabetical list of all scenographers (stage, costume, and puppet designers).

As a rule, diacritical marks do not play a role in fulltext searches or title searches. They do, however, make a difference when filtering interim search results (theatre, person's name). In order to filter interim results (fields with drop-down menu), the information is entered into the field and the choice can be confirmed by clicking or checking the selection and choosing OK.

Besides using the mouse, you can also navigate through the interim results with your keyboard:

  • Left / Right (arrows) = move to preceding / next row,
  • Insert = select row + move to next row,
  • PageDown / PageUp = move to preceding / next page,
  • Home / End = move to first row of first page / last page.

The selected records are ordered in descending order according to date of premiere – the ordering can be changed (ascending and descending) by clicking on the header of any column.

By checking several/all productions (options appear by clicking on the arrow in the top left) and choosing which kind of information will be displayed ("Place on detail" – bottom left), you can create a batch list of productions containing the desired information ("Show selected").

The basic information for all selected records can be exported ("Export") as a table in Excel or other format.

The checked records can be stored ("Insert to box"), where you can find them the next time you open the database from the same computer (the "Box" tab above search field). This function also enables the batch printout or export or records stored from several searches. When storing a large number of records, it is a good idea to empty the storage prior to saving additional records ("Remove from Box").

1) Searching by information on the production

  • By part of the production title (e.g. král (king)).
  • By part of the theatre's name – enter any word from the theatre's name for a list of all variants of the name in the theatre's history; you can choose a specific variant of the theatre's name indicated by the time range (Divadelní společnost Petra Bezruče Ostrava od 97 (od 97 - "od" = "since")). If, over the course of its existence, the theatre was ever part of another institution, this option must be chosen as well: This is indicated in the list of theatres – example: Činohra Petra Bezruče (jako součást jiné instituce) (="as part of another institution"), Činoherní klub (jako součást jiné instituce) (="as part of another institution").

    Given names in theatre names are abbreviated without spaces following the periods (Divadlo J.K.Tyla).

  • By part of the name of a foreign theatre using the same field ("Theatre") as for Czech theatres; this displays only those records matching the name without taking into consideration the historical context. City names must be entered according to the common Czech version of the name (e.g., Paříž not Paris).
  • By date of premiere (at the far right) - you must enter the full date in the format 1.1.2012.
  • By name of scenographer – i.e., stage, costume, or puppet designer or poster artist. You may enter just the first few letters of the surname – for faster searches, it is better to enter the full name (in the form surname, name (Čapek, Josef)). It is enough to enter just the first few letters of the surname.
  • By item description – enter a description of the item (costume design, stage design, etc.) or code (KO, SN, KN, SM etc.) in the corresponding column.
  • By type of record (check boxes at right) – "Collection" searches only for scenographic artifacts contained in our collection (originals held by the Institute); "Documentation" searches only for images of artifacts contained in the collection of scenographic documentation. If you select none or both options, the search will be for all available records.
  • By a combination of the above fields.

2) Searching by List of Scenographers

  • Enter the surname (and name) of the scenographer (you may enter just the first few letters of the surname) and click on the "+" next to the person's name to display a list of productions organized alphabetically by title.
  • The list of productions can be ordered by clicking on the header of the relevant column; the search can also be further refined by entering any part of the name of a performance or theatre.

Clicking on the name of a production displays detailed information on this record.

Information on productions includes the following

  • Personal information – contains all available information on the production; the section "Related documents" at the very bottom shows the number of photographs, scenic designs and bibliographical references, and the existence of video recordings (if available).
  • Photography(if available) – shows available photographs; click on an image for greater resolution, including information on the production below the photograph (title, names of performers if available, and photographer).
  • Scenography – clicking on this tab shows digital images of designs; click on an image for greater resolution.
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