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Casting and roles

Casting and Roles module

The Casting and Roles module allows you to select a production from the Productions database in which a selected role appears or in which a particular person plays a role.

The Production database contains all of the data that the Arts and Theatre Institute's Information and Documentation Department has available for theatre productions in the Czech Republic covering the 1945 to the 2011/12 seasons. The authors, producers and cast are listed in the same order as on the programme for the production - any alternates, understudies and other subsequent casting changes are therefore not available in the majority of cases.

Performing a Search in the Casting and Roles Module

The module makes it possible to find all of the actors who played a certain role.

The search uses the text typed in the Role field to find all of the productions in which the particular role, as typed, is listed on the programme. The results may therefore not find all of the actors cast in that particular role because, for example, one production may have listed the role as Hejtman Skvoznik-Dmuchanovskij, whilst another only as Hejtman or as Skvoznik-Dmuchanovskij. In these cases, the search results thus serve only as a path to the title in which the requested role might exist, i.e. in the above example, the play Revizor.

Searches are not case-specific, nor do they take diacritics into account.

The search will find only exact matches for the role as typed, unless a wildcard character is used, in this case the asterisk *. The search is then extended as follows:

  • hamlet*: finds all roles starting with the specified text, e.g. - Hamlet, kralevic dánský
  • *hamlet: finds all roles ending with the specified text, e.g. Kralevic dánský Hamlet
  • *hamlet*: finds all roles containing the specified text, e.g. Princ Hamlet, syn Gertrudy
  • hlas*hamlet*: find all roles starting with the text before the first asterisk and containing the text between the two asterisks, e.g. Hlas Hamletova otce and Hlas ducha Hamletova otce

It is also possible to search for whether a particular actor played a specific role. However, this limits even further the results of the query described in the first part of these instructions. Click on the Actors field. This opens a dropdown list of names. Type a name or part of the name you are searching for to limit the selection. Click on a single name, or tick multiple names and click OK. Your selection(s) are indicated in the Actors field. Click Search to complete your query. Once again, the searches are not case-specific, nor do they take diacritics into account. If your search is not successful, we recommend that you use the search in the Personal Activities module.

Besides using the mouse, you can also navigate through the interim results with your keyboard:

  • Left / Right (arrows) = move to preceding / next row
  • Insert = select row + move to next row
  • PageDown / PageUp = move to preceding / next page
  • Home / End = move to first row of first page / last page
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